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    IPK_CompanyProfile 2016_CoverWe are happy to share with you our new company profile, which characterises who we are, our reasons to be, our approach to change and transformation and what we can offer to you.

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  • Back online!

    We are back online! Finally! Yes, our website got badly hacked and abused, so we had to take it offline for security reasons. And it has been a not-so-fun experience to get everything cleaned out what criminal energies implanted and re-establish our own site. Thanks for bearing with us! We learned our part and will be more cautious in the future…

Will High-level Participants Engage in Conversation-based Conference Format?

Of course they will! Why shouldn’t they? After all, what prevails at the end of the day is our human spirit and the hard-wiring of the human brain. Whether you’re a minister, an ambassador, a governor, or a highly decorated scientist, you’re still part of the homo sapiens. And formats that aim at this quality […]

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I-P-K designed and facilitated the “Knowledge sharing workshop on SME Development in South Africa”

In close collaboration with the International Labour Organisation ILO, the Delegation of the Flanders and the National Treasury, Marc Steinlin from I-P-K has developed a Knowledge Sharing Platform for a multi-stakeholder exchange event, held on 30 July 2014 at the Freedom Park in Pretoria. In the movie below some impressions…

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I-P-K’s “Co-Design” Methodology Featured in the Cape Town Civic Centre

In May 2013, we developed a participatory methodology to engage communities in co-design processes. How can communities themselves engage with experts and designers to create innovative solutions, that are tailored to their ideas, expectations and needs? The method is now being rolled out over the entire city of Cape Town. And it is featured in […]

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GIZ Conference on Accountable Governance in Africa

Designing and facilitating the Conference on Accountable Governance in Africa of GIZ’s Sector Network on Good Governance was a magnificant experience! We had a team of innovative minds, which embarked on us on a truly adventurous conference journey. The preparation process was a unique piece of collaboration and mutual inspiration and learning, and the outcome […]

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Design Storming 2013 in Khayelitsha – solving complex challenges together.

We enjoyed facilitating a fantastic weekend workshop on 24 and 25 August 2013.  The focus of these two days was on the topic of early childhood development [ECD] and took place at the Enkululekweni Wellness Centre in Khayelitsha. The event was organised by the Cape Town Design Network and Cape Town Partnership, and the NPO’s Ikamva […]

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The Power of Community Co-Design

We love observing how communities re-imagine their common spaces through innovative design methods. I-P-K, on behalf of The City  successfully facilitated pilot community co-design workshops in Mitchells Plain, Hanover Park, Durbanville and the Bo-Kaap during June 2013.  Read more about it here: All systems go for Cape Town World Design Capital 2014  and see us in […]

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Deep Democracy: Uncovering the Wisdom that Lies Beyond the Polarities

Surfacing and working with diversity is an important aspect of our practice at I-P-K – we believe that diversity is a force that should be made visible and thereby amplified rather than oppressed in the hope of enforcing a streamlined collective identity. Hand in hand with this also comes the realization that searching for common […]

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How to Be Innovative in Meetings

The desire for a meeting to create innovative responses is huge – very often we hear: “we must come up with new, innovative ideas and responses to our questions and problems! Can you make it happen?”. That’s an excellent question: can we intentionally be innovative at a particular moment? We often experience that people in […]

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Theory U and the Presencing Process: Experiencing the Power of Emergence

We’ve been wondering lately how we could further improve our practice in the Emergence Phase of group processes, thereby also capatilising on this central moment in a change process for improved impact. When designing the sequence of work steps of any change process, we usually follow an overall “Divergence – Emergence – Convergence” pattern. This […]

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Dealing with Complex Issues in Events and Workshops – Things to Promote and Avoid

Several clients recently asked me to explain how exactly our approach would be different from more conventional approaches to change events, workshops and facilitation. How can I simply describe what we do and what we don’t do? Interestingly one of them send me notes from a preparatory discussion around an event we were about to […]

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