My Facebook Group is my Pretext

Steve Song has started this fabulous Facebook group “Just Say NO to Crap Conferences!”. If you join the group, you take the following vow:

“I vow never to attend another poorly facilitated, talking heads, not enough interaction, powerpoint heavy workshop or conference ever again.”
Say YES to Bar Camps, Open Space, and Unconferences!
Your time is too valuable to be spent fighting with WiFi access so that you can check your email in a hotel in some exotic location while your life is clicked away, one powerpoint slide at a time.”

This has turned out to become an excellent excuse if I get asked to facilitate one of those poor quality conferences. I can now say to potential clients that come up with bad workshop instructions: “I’d love to facilitate your event, but I can’t since I cannot break this vow I have taken. So can we think about something different?”

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