Facilitating the ILO Asia Pacific Regional Workshop Entrepreneurship Education

ILO LogoFrom September 21-23, 2010, we have faciliated the ILO Asia Pacific Regional Workshop Entrepreneurship Education.  The workshop was aimed at identifying ways to improve quality and impact of youth entrepreneurship training in South-East Asia. The workshop gathered 90 participants from Indonesia, Laos, Vietnam, China, Thailand, and the ILO Headoffice in Switzerland. It truly followed the approach of bringing the entire relevant system into one room: the group comprised trade unionists, delegates from employers’ organisations and the private sector, school teachers and headmasters, government officials from various levels (national, regional, local), experts on entrepreneurship education, and donor represenatives.

On the whole, the process followed the basic structure of an Real Time Strategic Change (RTSC), with a large Speed Geeking session integrated into the first day and an almost full-day OpenSpace towards the end. The event did not only produce a series of recommendations based on the insights and lessons learnt extracted from the collective knowledge of participants, but it led to about 30 action items that various groups and persons decided to take up and put in practice to make a real difference.

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