10th Anniversary of Frischer Wind in Switzerland

FrischerWind LogoOn October 8, Frischer Wind (in English “Wind of Change”) – one of our network partners  in Switzerland – celebrated its 10th anniversary in Aarau (Switzerland). Frischer Wind and I-P-K have had the opportunity to cooperate in several projects in South Afria. Frischer Wind is specialising in large group interventions (pursuying a whole system approach as we do), where they have tremendous experience and success. To I-P-K, this organisation has always been a great source of inspiration and learning. We appreciate their pragmatic and unideological approach and attitude a lot.

Frischer Wind had the courage and consistency to not just have a celebration with the traditional ceremonial addresses and the like, but they held it as a large group event. This was probably much more interesting and revealing for most of the participants. I-P-K had the honour of holding a small workshop on dealing with and designing international conferences as large group events. From this angle, the probably most frequent “large group format” appears in a new light, unveiling new interesting aspects and offering new opportunities.

Thank you for letting us being part of this! Our best wishes for another 10 successful years of your precious work!

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