GIZ Conference on Accountable Governance in Africa

Accountability inside out 3 b final artwork

Designing and facilitating the Conference on Accountable Governance in Africa of GIZ’s Sector Network on Good Governance was a magnificant experience!

We had a team of innovative minds, which embarked on us on a truly adventurous conference journey. The preparation process was a unique piece of collaboration and mutual inspiration and learning, and the outcome was the culmination of the process.

For the first time were we able to push the boundaries of the conference to make it a more holistic experience than ever, involving participants as whole human beings.

Our leading image was that of a “Confestival” – a conference festival: take the best from both sides, the profoundness and wealth in knowledge and content from a conference, but also the freedom, the lightness and the “user-centredness” of a festival.

Read more about our conference concept.

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