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A Random Array of Methods or a Consistent Approach?

Over the past few weeks, two persons asked me the same question that I was unable to respond to – which was very strange: They asked me: “What is your approach then?”. I asked them “What do you mean, which approach?”. One of them pointed out that in a conversation, of more than an hour, […]

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Making Conferences Attractive through a Mix of Methods

I-P-K has been designing and facilitating the Interagency Conference on Local Economic Development, which took place in October 2008 in Turin, Italy. The conference was hosted by the International Training Centre of the ILO. More than 120 participants gathered over 3 days, shared experiences and knowledge and looked for new ways of how to address […]

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I-P-K has a New Website

Since we are expanding our activities, expertise, experience, we thought a new website would better reflect what we are on! Have a look over the next weeks as it expands continously!

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