Key Ideas

Key Approaches IngeniousPeoplesKnowledge is working at the crossovers of these three dimensions: Ingenuity – People(s) – Knowledge. We recognise the opportunities and potentials of these overlaps and we want to harness them. Together with our partners, their abundant experiences, their practice and background.

Ingenious – People

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We ask under which conditions people act using their ingenuity. We look at conditions, environments, culture, rights. And we support institutions, organisations, communities to understand, create and stimulate those. We genuinely believe that – in a very broad, also unconventional sense – human rights and human dignity are indispensable prerequisites to creative and sustainable development, progress and performance. We contribute to unfold this potential by realising human rights and human conditions in life, in the workplace, in management.
Ingenious – Knowledge
Individuals in modern times can be innovative – and we try to promote them. We ask how we can orientate our approaches and methods by potentials and resources rather than problems, obstacles and deficits. How can we support creativity, drive change? What is “ingenious” knowledge? Ingenious knowledge is also traditional knowledge, which consolidates experience of ages. Indigenous Knowledge is the richness of people who have cared for their environment for thousands of years. How can they deal with this knowledge, how can they combine it with modern knowledge – and how can we support them? How can we protect it for the good of those it belongs to? What can story telling contribute?

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People’s – Knowledge

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Knowledge cannot be managed itself, but the culture, environment and tools as well as the processes to identify and use it, to share it, and to learn – as an individual as well as an organisation. We know how. People takes the primacy over technology. Knowledge is the potentiation of information, yet knowledge is inseparable from the human brain, technology can’t substitute it. We support people to best work with their knowledge, their experiences, values, imagination. And use IT to support them.