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On this page you find documents, resources and other material to download. You may have participated in one of our activities, trainings or other events and are looking for some of the sheets or other files that we have handed out. Or you are just curious and want to find out more specifically what our work is about.

Please note, you’re free to use our material, to copy and distribute under the condition that you’re attributing its origin and don’t sell it profit-making. If you modify it, please distribute it under the same terms.

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  Mapping Dialogue - Profiling dialogue tools and processes for social change
» 3.1 MiB - 1,088 hits - May 19, 2009
A comparative study over different methods that we work with, examining the underlying concepts and exploring the scope of application. By: Pioneers of Change Associates, Johannesburg 2006

  Literature Tips to Read on About Knowledge Sharing, Facilitation and Complexity
» 113.7 KiB - 1,002 hits - May 19, 2009

  Knowledge Sharing for Change - Designing and Facilitating Learning Processes with a Transformative Impact
» 2.7 MiB - 3,564 hits - October 6, 2010
This Facilitation Handbook has been written by I-P-K to record our experiences and make them available to a wider interested audience, but also to provide learnerns in our trainings with a script.

  I-P-K Company Profile 2010
» 1.7 MiB - 1,469 hits - November 22, 2010

  About I-P-K Conferences
» 788.9 KiB - 265 hits - March 30, 2014
I-P-K's generic concept of holistic, interactive conferences.

  I-P-K Company Profile 2016
» unknown - 0 hits - August 1, 2016

About Approaches

  Playful Ways to Experience Complexity
» 215.0 KiB - 733 hits - May 19, 2009
Complex adaptive systems are the basis of our facilitation work. As a theory, this initally may seem very complicated to people and be forbidding. However, rather than talking about it, it is very easy to have people experiencing it and playing with it. This summary sheet shows how to do so.

  Leith’s Guide to Large Group Intervention Methods – How to use large group intervention methods and collaborative gatherings to address complex strategic issues
» 133.2 KiB - 1,995 hits - May 19, 2009
An overview of why so many change processes fail, suggesting a shift in perspective (and paradigm). And how methods for large group interventions can make a significant step forward by bringing a whole system perspective. By Martin Leith,

Methods & Techniques

  About Fish Bowls
» 1.3 MiB - 790 hits - May 16, 2009
Short Instruction Sheet on when to use the Fish Bowl Technique and how to run Fish Bowls

  About Round Robins
» 208.8 KiB - 669 hits - May 16, 2009
Short Instruction Sheet on when to use the Round Robin Technique and how to run Round Robins

  Considering an OpenSpace
» 97.3 KiB - 585 hits - May 19, 2009
You are considering organising an Open Space or want to include Open Space sessions into a larger framework programme. What are the conditions for a successfull OST? What are the preparatory procedures?

  About Six Thinking Hats
» 514.4 KiB - 742 hits - May 19, 2009
Short Instruction Sheet on when to use Edward de Bono's 6 Hats Technique and how to run such sessions

  Café to Go - About World Café
» 590.7 KiB - 625 hits - May 19, 2009
The famous short guide on all you need to know to run a World Café. The "official" guide from

  Which Method for Which Purpose?
» 232.6 KiB - 998 hits - May 19, 2009
A 2-page overview over the methods we use in our workshops (table format, with purpose, time required, group size, ...)

  About World Café
» 47.9 KiB - 578 hits - May 21, 2009
Short fact sheet on World Café

  About Appreciative Inquiry
» unknown - 740 hits - May 27, 2009
A brief fact sheet on key features of Appreciative Inquiry

  About Open Space Technology
» 63.5 KiB - 611 hits - May 27, 2009
Brief Fact Sheet on Key Features of Open Space Technology

  About Real Time Strategic Change
» 67.3 KiB - 1,133 hits - May 27, 2009
Fact Sheet on Key Features of Real Time Strategic Change

  About Sociometric Line-ups
» 551.1 KiB - 974 hits - July 23, 2009
Short Instruction Sheet on when to use Sociometric Line-ups and how to run them

  Speed Geeking Fact Sheet
» 1,018.2 KiB - 909 hits - November 18, 2009
Summary sheet about the purpose of this faciliation technique and a user-friendly facilitator's guide on how to use it