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GIZ Conference on Accountable Governance in Africa

Designing and facilitating the Conference on Accountable Governance in Africa of GIZ’s Sector Network on Good Governance was a magnificant experience! We had a team of innovative minds, which embarked on us on a truly adventurous conference journey. The preparation process was a unique piece of collaboration and mutual inspiration and learning, and the outcome […]

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Obsessive Measurement Disorder

Adrian Gnägi from the Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC) has written an interesting blog article on “What is wrong with Managing for Development Results?”, reflecting an essay of Andrew Natsios, former head of USAID. The article deals with “«Obsessive Measurement Disorder» (OMD), … an intellectual dysfunction rooted in the notion that counting everything in government programs […]

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Measuring for Learning instead of Measuring for Accountability

“We would like to dethrone measurement from its godly position, to reveal the false god it has been. We want instead to offer measurement a new job – that of helpful servant.” (M. Wheatley and M. Kellner-Rogers) Measuring for accountability examines “what”, the products, the “things” and assumes that knowledge is a package that can […]

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