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Measuring for Learning instead of Measuring for Accountability

“We would like to dethrone measurement from its godly position, to reveal the false god it has been. We want instead to offer measurement a new job – that of helpful servant.” (M. Wheatley and M. Kellner-Rogers) Measuring for accountability examines “what”, the products, the “things” and assumes that knowledge is a package that can […]

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A bit theoretical…

Sometimes, we get the feedback, that some recommendations, a paper or presentation that we do, are a bit “theoretical”. Well, that’s exactly what we are striving for: to substantiate our findings and recommendations with a conceptual framework (which by its nature is always theoretical). It’s our conviction, that many development initiatives, plans and reports are […]

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Why many KM initiatives don’t work the way we intended

I-P-K has recently been asked to assess a Knowledge Management Project. The initial e-mail exchange with our client (who sketched some of the fundamental difficulties they encountered in their project) prompted me to think about what’s wrong so often? Haven’t we figure things out quite nicely? The reason is, that quite a few of our […]

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