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How to Be Innovative in Meetings

The desire for a meeting to create innovative responses is huge – very often we hear: “we must come up with new, innovative ideas and responses to our questions and problems! Can you make it happen?”. That’s an excellent question: can we intentionally be innovative at a particular moment? We often experience that people in […]

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“Where Good Ideas Come From” by Steven Johnson

Interesting ideas – and large-group events (such as OpenSpaceTechnology) could and do contribute to create instances of such “liquid networks” that have an impact in the moment but also beyond.

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Design and Facilitation of the Scholarly Communication in Africa Programme Inception Workshop

From 18-20 October I-P-K facilitated the Inception Workshop for the Scholarly Communication in Africa Programme at the University of Cape Town’s Centre for Educational Technology (CET). SCAP is a project of the centre for educational technology and the Research Office at the University of Cape Town. About 12 scholars from the four participating universities (Cape […]

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